Agreement over the service conditions

By the means of the use of this website you accept to be over 18 years old and that you will be linked by these terms and conditions. This is a legal agreement between you and FFSignal for the use of this website, its data, the mobile FFSignal app and any services you have selected or stated from our website or affiliates.

Autotrading service

In order to have access to the service of automated signals, the client must follow these steps:

  1. Download and registe ron the app of FFSignal
  2. Open a real account with the Traders Trust Broker from the app of FFsignal.
  3. Make the deposit of at least $250 USD.
  4. Accounts already created will not be accepted.
  5. This service does not apply for inhabitants of the USA.

Causes of cancellation

The causes of cancellation will be the following:

  1. If you stop operating or following the operations of FFSignal for a time frame of 1 month (20 workdays).
  2. If you leave your trading account on $0.00
  3. If you deposit the least and then withdraw all of the investment.

In any of these causes of cancellation the manager of the account will communicate with the client to clarify the situation and check the possibilities for reactivating the service.

Banning reasons

  1. If you resell or publish our signals to third parties.
  2. If you give wrong information about their real results.
  3. If you give wrong information about the company to the community in search for defamation.

En cualquiera de los motivos de veto, el ejecutivo de cuenta se comunicará con el cliente para dar a conocer la situación y dependiendo el daño a la empresa, el departamento legal sería el intermediario para buscar la conciliación entre el cliente y FFSignal.


FFSignal, through its mobile app will provide you with data and consulting in order to allow you to be in charge of either your purchasing decissions or investment, but this information or consulting must be taken as a guarantee of any payback or profits in any sell or investment. Our portal gathers data broadcasted by third parties and transmits it to ease the client.

The information included on the pages and documents that FFSignal provides to you has been gathered by FFSignal from highly reliable sources and a lot of care was taken to make sure that this information is not wrong or tricky by the time it is published.

Nevertheless, prior statements do not mean to be the right ones or appropriate to fulfill any decissions regarding investment because providing this information does not imply the broadcast of any worthy judgments or investment suggestions from FFSignal or any ot its branches.

It may be the case that FFSignal or partnerships with which it is affiliated, or people who are related with FFSignal, or with such partnerships to have positions in securities or business relationships with the issuer(s) of the securities or the indicators mentioned.

FFSignal does not provide banking, financial or any related services, the funds you invest will not be received by FFSignal and thus, this brand cannot access the resources or make any use of them, and as a result, FFSignal is not and will not be responsible for the refund of the investment or the payment of the revenues, profits, awards or dividends.

FFSignal cannot assume any need to guarantee direct or indirect efficiency, it also cannot assume the need to return the main resources that were invested or given to the Broker to make the operations with the currencies. Neither can be responsible of the loss the investor may experience as a consequence of the settled operations nor assume the risk of the variations on the difference of the Price or the ratio in favor of the clients.

The client accepts that the instructions they transmit through the provided services via the mobile app will be done with full knowledge of the risks this operations imply and without the need of prior advisory from FFSignal respecting each operation. On that basis, the client extricates FFSignal from any responsibilities that could result from the outcomes of the operations the client orders through the services given via internet or any other source.

The private password FFSignal gives to each client is an essential requirement for the client to access the information and give instructions through the services given via internet or any other source. The use of the access code will be an only responsibility of the client, so, anyways, the access to the information or the transmission of instructions through the given services via internet or other sources by the use of the password will be considered made by the client in any case.

FFSignal will be responsible for the execution of such instructions. FFSignal will take security measures in order to keep the privacy of the instructions it gets through the system or any other source. The client has to make sure that the electronic systems and their use are exposed, as any other communication method, to any illegal interference, so in the case any third party interferes with the access passwords or access by any other way to the gathered data by the services that were provided via internet, FFSignal will not be responsible so the client as a user of the access password, from now on releases FFSignal from any obligation that may be referred to it and surrenders to any claim that in any case they may have against it.

FFSignal will not be responsible for any cancellations or terminations on the exchange rates, breakings or system shut downs and from now on, the client releases FFSignal from any responsibility and surrenders to any legal action that may apply to them for such reasons against FFSignal.

In addition to the above, neither FFSignal nor its associated branches, or the shareholders, the officers and the employees of FFSignal and their associated branches, the suppliers of information will be in any way responsible in the following situations:

  • Any mistake, delay or omission of the information or in its sharing or transmission.
  • Any loss or damage originated from or by: inconsistency, mistake, delay or omission, and any malfunction.
  • Disruption of the information by an intentional, unintentional mean or an omission from FFSignal or the providers or the providers of the information, as well as events of force majeure alien to the control of them, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extraordinary weather conditions, fire, war, uprisings, vandalism, labor disturbances, accidents, governmental measures, communications, failures on the energy supplier, devices or the own system by any other cause alien to the possibilities of FFSignal in any of its members, providers or broadcasters.

The client cannot, by any instance, distribute, modify, copy, transmit, reuse, publish or use the content of the website for public or commercial purposes, including text, images, audio and video without a previous written consent from FFSignal. Anything the client shares with this website turns into property of the company and will be used by the company in any legal mean and is restricted to the sharing considered correct by FFSignal, including the sharing to any legal authority the company is attached to. FFSignal reserves its rights according to the copyright and intellectual property rights of the brands involved in this website and will make sure those rights are met with all the weigh of the law.

This site and all of the information, tools and materials inside it are not meant for distribution or use by any individual or entity found to be a citizen or resident under any jurisdiction where the distribution, posting, availability or use could be used against the law and its regulations or make FFSignal or its members to be bound to any other license requirement or registration regarding the prior jurisdiction. When accessing to any part of this website, the client accepts to not use this website in any way it could interfere, interrupt or restrict the use of this website to other users; do not upload, show or share, through this website, any material that can be false, offensive, slanderous, threatening, obscene, illegal or that infringes the rights of any individual in any part of the world.

Being a site that can be used as a platform to share videos made by third parties, the client, by accepting these conditions, releases any responsibility from FFSignal as for the content of the prior transmissions if these are offensive, obscene, illegal, threatening or slanderous to the rights of any individual or entity in any part of the world.

Counseling about the trading operations is actually not regulated in Mexico.

Risk Warning

High Risk Investment

Negotiation in Forex, CFD and options lead to a high loss risk and it is not meant for all of the investors. The high leverage grade can be against or in your favor. Before deciding to operate with such leveraged products you must carefully consider your investment targets, your experience level and your will for risk. FFSignal is not and will not be, in any case, responsible for the operations made or not by the client.

There is a possibility for you to suffer a loss of a part of your initial investment and so you must not invest money you are not willing to lose. You must know all the risks associated to trading based on a scope. These are accounts leveraged on a scope. Clients must keep a scope to suit their positions, if the fund levels drop to 10% of the current scope, an adjustment to it will be produced. It is the investor’s responsibility to keep a normal scope level.

FFSignal is not responsible for the delays or the communication malfunction when executing investment orders through the mobile app, platform or internet.

Market opinions on FFSignal

Every opinion, analysis, price or any other content of information from this website is provided as a general comment from the market and does not represent, directly or indirectly, the use of the reliance of the prior information.

FFSignal does not take any responsibility or obligation on the suffered profits or losses. The prior performance is not a guarantee for future results.

The content on this website is hold to changes at any moment without prior advise.

We are here to help you.

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