1. What is FFSignal? 

FFSignal is a trading app that allows you to automatically track and copy the operations the experts do in real time in order to minimize the risks and increase the efficiency.

2. How does FFSignal wok? 

To quickly and automatically copy the operations it is necessary to open a real account with the Brocker Trader Trust, Create Now.

3. How do I start? 

All you have to do is to download the app of FFSignal, once you have created your account go to the “autotrading” section and select the size of the lot and start copying the operations.

4. Will I get charged for using FFSignal? 

No, the best part is that it is FREE!

5. With which Broker you collaborate with? 

Traders Trust Ltc or TTCM is a broker from Forex STP, FFSignal is associated with it to take care of the capital invested by our clients. TTCM offers the most important regulations: FCA from London, BAFIN from Germany, CNMV from Spain, CONSOB from Italy, FI from Switzerland, AFM from the Netherlands and CySEC from Cyprus, and audited by PWC and Deloitte. This way TTCM offers the ultimate seccurity to the clients of FFSignal to their investment funds in their trading accounts.

6. Which is the lowest deposit required to open a real account? 

The lowest deposit to open an account is for $250 USD, once the starting deposit has been done, you can do contributions from $100 USD.

7. Which currencies can I use to open a real account? 

You can choose between USD, EUR and GBP.

8. I do not have an account with the Broker you collaborate with (TTCM). Is that a problem? 

No, you can open a new account on TTCM by clicking here.

9. Is there any age restriction for the users of FFSignal? 

Because of legal issues, you must be over 18 years old in order to open an account on FFSignal.

10. I got my real account on another Broker, is it possible to use FFSignal? 

Unfortunatelly not just now, for you to have acces to our service you must have an account on our selected Broker.

11. I just created an account with the Broker TTCM. How do I know everything is alright? 

An FFSignal staff will be leading you through the opening process and will confirm by e-mail when your account is ready.

12. Can FFSignal modify my trading account? 

No, FFSignal will never alter or modify any information from your account because it is confidential. You can inform yourself more by reading our privacy policy.

13. Which are the benefits of using FFSignal? 

By using our mobile app you will be able to buy and sell automatically, without the need of having any experience as a trader. Thanks to our technology, experts will make your investment grow.

14. How do you measure the efficiency? 

By the results between the operations which left profits or not every month, the effectiveness percentage by strategy, by assets and the percentage period of each operation.

15. How often do you upgrade the data? 

Our technology is directly linked to the market, you will see the development in pips from your open and closed operations in real time.

16. Can I operate manually or is it going to interfere with the automatic operations? 

Yes, FFSignal allows you to opérate on your own without any trouble and will not interfere with the operations that our traders automatically do.

17. How can I control the amount of lots executed on my account? 

In the “Autotrading” section you will be able to select the size of the lot that you wish to do the operations with. In order to always have the control over your account you will be able to modify the lot any times you want.

18. I just activated the “Autotrading” for the first time, where can I track the operations? 

From the mobile app on the “Trades” section you will see all of your operations open next to the results in real time.

19. How long does it take for the operations to execute on my account once I activate the autotrading? 

Immediately, remember that you are in a real time market and your operations are executed as fast as the expert traders make them.

20. How can I deactivate the autotrading? 

From the “Autotrading” section go to the activation part and just click OFF.

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